Farthest Reaches

The Beale of Boregal
In which our adventures begin

Along the path of the Wandering Walk, our companions settled down for another night among their fellow pilgrims in the Mouth Cairns. Talk of recent bandit raids had the Peregrines on edge, and there had been reports of various animal attacks in recent weeks. Rashid al-Baakir and Carolyn stayed up late in to the night discussing these events…

The next morning, the temporary residents of the Mouth Cairns were surprised to see two figures ride in to their camp on the back of a scutimorph. Saria and her brother Patel, the riders in question, were both in need of aid; Saria required medical attention from the nearby town of Cylion Basin, but she insisted that her family (under attack by pallones) should be helped first. Prioritizing the needs of the many over the needs of the few, the band set out to help the siblings’ family in the False Woods.

A battle with the razor-sharp jelly creatures ensued shortly after the companions arrived, with Greg taking the first kill of the battle. After helping the villagers fend off the attack, Carolyn spoke with Saria’s mother, Naedi. Naedi explained her daughter’s abilities, and how she feared that Saria may be inadvertently responsible for the recent animal attacks in the area. In search of more anwers, our heroes set out for Cylion Basin in an attempt to track down Saria and her brother.

…to be continued…


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